Renaissance Air

RENAISSANCE AIR was founded in 1994 as a small specialized aviation company, initially dealing with a small number of large contracts.

The Charter market had seemed saturated, with a small number of large established companies
controlling the whole market along with a handful of one and 2 man brokerages and many thought that there was not enough room for a new big player. RENAISSANCE AIR’s commitment to personal service proved popular in what had been described by some as a complacent market place and the company grew rapidly. RENAISSANCE AIR then furthered their commitment to providing exceptional customer service by opening regional offices. These offices were established with the aim of meeting the charter requirements of existing customers but also to extend RENAISSANCE AIR’ charter services to international clients.

Each regional office was based on the same principles of customer service and every account manager worldwide was trained at HQ. RENAISSANCE AIR now employs over 100 staff around the globe speaking local languages and with expertise in their own regional markets and counts Middle Eastern & African royalty, Heads of States, Governments, major multinational corporations and non-profit organizations as its customers.

Renaissance Air expanded in 1996 to providing short to long term aircraft leases, and in 2000 expanded into special mission aircrafts providing security and border patrol solutions.

The company has grown on the following principles:



Take Flight

Our Purpose




Aircraft Charter

Chartering an aircraft offers the flexibility of flying in and out of over 5,000 public-use airports in the United States — 100 times more than commercial airliners — and is also becoming increasingly popular for its added safety, security and effective time management. Ren Air is fully geared with an array of comprehensive services and solutions to meet every exacting demand of our customer proficiently. Ren Air also can move passengers, cargo and equipment via Helicopter Charter world wide.

Our Charter Staff has over Three decades of experience in the industry we are always looking for the best operators for our clients. We share your common goal, which is the need for fast, flexible, safe, secure and cost-effective transportation. Ren Air concierge service, provide the expertise and attention to detail to ensure that you receive the finest service, and the best value for your dollar at all times. In addition, we have access to a wide range of aircraft from turbo props to executive/midsized executive jets as well as larger airliners and helicopters through our handpicked network of owners and operators not just in the U.S. but across the globe ensuring that we can always offer the right type of aircraft and allied services for your needs.


Special Mission

Worry Free Operation

Asset Management

•Creation and management of a tax efficient ownership structure.

•Aircraft registration.

•Insurance company (AAA).

•Choice of the operator.

•Organization of the private and charter flights.

•Budgeting & accounting audit.

•Maintenance scheduling.

•Warranty issues.

Details Handled

Charter Brokerage

Private jet hire offers you the most flexible and sophisticated means of air travel. Let Ren Air’s concierge service create a timetable to match your schedule and adapt to your last minute changes.

We will handle every detail of your flight, including hotel accommodation, helicopter transfers, limousine hire, luggage and dietary requirements.


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